My Story

Hello fellows! I am Gisele from Brazil.  😊

I would like to talk about me a bit and explain why i decided to do this blog. I have always thought to write a blog but I had no idea how to start it. Well, here I am, starting my travel blog. Yesssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😊

I can already start to tell you: I have a passion for travelling since I was 17 when I decided to do my first solo trip in Brazil. I remember being on the biggest high of my life. I was in the moon. I was so excited and so happy. Of course, I didn’t want to come home. I wanted to explore the world. My hunger to go away was always there inside me. I had to find out what the world could offer me and how the world looked like.

Fifteen years ago, I was working as a Psychologist in Brazil in this boring routine life when I decided to finally take over my hippie free-spirited soul, Yessss, It was time to start my big adventure so I decided to go away. I quitted my job, said goodbye to my loved ones and left the country where I have never returned to live again. I have travelled to 21 countries and lived in 4 different countries so far. I speak 3 different languages: Portuguese my native language, English and Spanish.

I am here to share my experience and story about every single amazing place I have been. My goal is to arouse your desire to JUST GO AWAY and explore the world. He is out there beautiful, amazing, colourful, vibrant and just waiting for you.

Apart from travelling, I love photography, natural medicine, crystals, meditation, growing, being in nature and meeting people with a positive vibe.

My Solo Trip experience

🌎 Since my first solo trip when I was 17, I discovered a different world outside and inside me. I found a world I had never seen before and it fascinated me so much that I believed the world was always there waiting for me. I found in myself another person. I could be myself: I was so social, happy, brave, free and independent which I was not allowed to be in my boring routine life.

🌎 Travelling alone can be fun and full of challenges. I found the best part of travelling alone was to find out that getting lost was absolutely amazing!! So many adventures! I discovered the world was not so scary as I thought and I am never truly alone unless I was choosing to be. Travelling alone is the best experience ever. It gave me experiences I had never had.

  🌎 I learned to live and love myself.  It made me grow as a person and become more independent. It made me get to know more about myself. I learned and gained so many positive things in my life like more education, knowledge, compassion, experience, memories, culture, confidence, gratitude and a lot of friends.  I learned to be alone and be free to do whatever I wanted with no destiny. I learned to do things by my own and get out of my comfort zone. I learned to be happy with myself and trying things I would have always relied on other people to do for me. I learned to push myself in every situation, to meet people, to try new things and to see what I really love without the influence of others. I learned to respect and accept others from how they are and from where they come from.

🌎  The world is so powerful and huge. The world is to be appreciated and respected. GRATITUDE!!!! ❤️❤️❤️